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        Culture/Core values

        Our core philosophy of enterprise culture:Diligence, toleration, continuous improvement

        Diligence accept and give full play to traditional spirit ,fear no hardship, suffering loss, fulfilling duties faithfully and uncomplainingly, positively.
        Toleration enhance the cooperation with the excellent enterprise in the world; continuously absorb the new culture philosophy; incessantly introduce advanced technology and outstanding talents; advocate the team-work spirit, and a harmonious interpersonal relationship within the company.
        Continuous Improvement incessantly improve the interior management operation of the company in order to maintain the core competitive capacity through continuous learning, practicing and some advanced management technique; create new profit growth point and build the new core competitive capacity through constantly scientific and technological innovation;  keep to have high morale and spirit, and never stop thinking.

        Our development strategy:Low cost, large scale, high speed

        Low cost conduct the available cost control of every link of value chain on products through learning advanced management philosophy and using scientific management technique. To be more competitive in the market through continually reducing the cost.
        Large scale achieve large-scale and mass production through Capital-intensive investment; make good use of scale effect through vast industry group to satisfy the needs for the development of automotive industry
        High Speed retain a flexible and efficient working tradition along with its enlargement of enterprise size to ensure the high speed on reaction, development and decision-making, and to keep top in this acceleration competitive environment


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